Only the best!


Recently we became an OTR Capital Partner and we can offer our clients professional and reliable financial service.

You will no longer have to wait for 30,40,50, or even 60 days to get paid. Instead, you will receive a payment within 24 hours from when the invoice is submitted. This instant cash allows companies to maintain positive cash flow even if a traditional bank loan is not an option.


Please feel free to reach out to Evan at 303-455-0124 and mention that we sent you over.


Our Fees

We think that the percentage plan is the fairest because you will get charged only for our effective work. For example if we find 1000$ load for you on Monday and then on Tuesday driver must go home - basically, he will drive only one load that week - other companies will charge you flat rate 200-300$ - but we charge only 3% of the load so we will charge you only 30$

On this way, you are sure that we always take the best paying loads because the more money you have the more money we have. Other companies often take any loads just to cover your truck. 


Become Our Client

In order to get started we need:

  • $1,000,000.00 in Auto-Liability
  • $100,000 in Cargo Coverage
  • Copy of Carrier Operating Authority (MC Permit)
  • Copy of CDL for each driver being dispatched
  • Signed W-9
  • If you are using factoring - send us Notice of Agreement (NOA)

Sign-up process is very simple. Just upload above documents and send them to our e mail After providing all required documents,
you can be set up within 24 hours!!!!!


Dispatch Service

Just inform us on how many days you are planning to stay on the road and we will maximize your revenue in that period of time.  We understand how frustrating it is for an owner operator to book loads and send invoices while being on the road. More importantly, based on our experience most well paid loads don’t last more than 2 minutes before being booked by another carrier! To ensure the best service is provided to you, we have our team of dispatchers continuously monitor the freight market. Our limit of 5 trucks per dispatcher will guarantee you with the best service.